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Вилла «Crown Shores 2», Бонэйр
Tilda Publishing
Красивый вид на океан, большой частный бассейн, 2 отдельные квартиры
для сдачи в аренду!
3 650 000 USD
Код объекта: 00406
Участок: 4.002 + 2377 = 6379 m2
Объект: 500 m2
Cпальни: 7
Ванные комнаты: 6.5
Береговая линия: 93 m2
Бассейн: Да

Красивая и яркая вилла в элитном районе Сабадеко, недалеко от природных достопримечательностей Бонайре и отличных мест для дайвинга!
Дом не выглядит большим снаружи, но в целом это 5 спален и 4,5 ванные комнаты!

Анна Виноградская
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Hidden gem and a sprawling beauty! This villa is stunningly unique. There is no comparable!
Crown Shores 7 is all of the above and more! You have to experience it to understand.

Astonishing space
Crown Shores 7 is a large oceanfront estate with features you will see nowhere else. It sits on a total of 4.002m2 of private property and a bordering companion lot of 2.377 square meters. It borders designated green zones on both sides, thus adding 2.845m2 of privacy to the left and 2.660m2 of privacy to the right.

Its very own shore line runs 93 meters (over 300 feet) across. Add 30 meters (99 feet) from the green zone to the left, and 30 meters (99 feet) as well from the green zone to the right. This total stretch boasts 153 meters (500 feet) of undisturbed and unmatched privacy and a spectacular coast line.

Inside this property consists of three levels, comprising 5 bedrooms with 5 en-suite bathrooms, a guest toilet, 2 kitchens and tons of living area. Furthermore, there is a free standing guesthouse. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a living, a kitchen, and a porch.

Structure and feeling
Although the above mentioned facts are truly unique for a property on Bonaire, at least equally unique is the design of the villa and its building materials.

This villa, and especially the highest level, is a completely open structure. The tiled roof rests on a number of columns, shading the entirely open area. The roof shields you from the sun, but there is no partition between you and the sounds of the ocean or the refreshing trade wind breezes. It is a very special, creative and relaxed atmosphere!

Surinam hardwood by the name of 'Zwarte Kabbes' (Tatabu) was used, which adds to the natural feel of this villa. The connection to the natural surroundings is everywhere. All bedrooms and bathrooms have their own outdoor terrace with a private garden. The top floor, while completely roofed, has no walls on the sea side, giving you a wide view of the coast from anywhere in the room.

What you cannot grasp from the pictures, is the extraordinary feeling of tranquility, openness and privacy this luxury villa offers. Want to emerge yourself in the healthy magnesium waters of the pool? Want to enjoy a drink in the Cabana while watching the sky change colors? Want to swim in the Caribbean Sea where boat passengers will not disturb your privacy? Want to read or write a book in your own private palapa overlooking the sea? Want to take a private walk along the coast line?

All of the above is possible when this is your Caribbean Home.

A walk-through of the villa
The entrance to the property is located at the end of a cul-de-sac. The guesthouse is located to your right, at the 'front' of the property. A palapa-walkway leads you from the guesthouse to the villa, where you step into a hall with a high and open ceiling. This is the middle level or floor. Two guest bedrooms are located to your left and the master bedroom to your right.

A split level staircase up, you reach the top level. This floor is one large area and completely open, as described above. This level is decorated with a few writing tables, easels, a large and fully equipped kitchen, dining area and sitting area, and a guest toilet.

A split level staircase down leads to the beach level. Here are two more bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a large covered porch, with dining- and sitting areas.

The porch leads to the garden, with many trees providing shade, to the magnesium pool, the large oceanfront Cabana, and to the stairs leading into the water; easy and private access to the Caribbean Sea.

Bonus feature, Shores 8
As if all of the above was not enough to convince you to buy this villa, it has a bordering lot of 2.377 square meters. It has 30 meters of coastline and building a second ocean front home is possible! On a piece of approximately 18 x 18 meters you can build a house with a part of 48m2 that can be 8 meters high and the other part 6,5 meters high. More information about building restrictions is available at our office.
You will not find such a fantastic opportunity to invest in an ocean front lot anywhere else on Bonaire.

Space in abundance and stunning views all around!

+7 (495) 127-0-129
+7 (925) 009-87-10
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